Our neighboring business used PrimePay and told us about it. We decided change was needed because the cost was getting out of hand. PrimePay reduced our payroll cost and was very helpful in helping me understand the online tools and ease of use. We have been with PrimePay for years and continue to refer others to them.
Angel Hayat-Nazir, What's the Scoop? Ice Cream & More
Sacramento, CA | Client Since 2012

What's the Scoop? Ice Cream & More has worked hard to continue to improve their business by offering high quality dessert products. They offer a unique ice cream that is made locally in Sacramento and handmade novelty items like nutty cones, chocolate dipped bananas, Oatwheels, Clown Cones and macaroon ice cream sandwiches.

What's the Scoop? Ice Cream & More also added the newest craze of drinks ...bubble teas. They've created unique trial-tested recipes that allow them to make a perfect bubble tea in 60 seconds.

What's the Scoop? Ice Cream & More has spent a lot of time and energy in training employees to love what they do and how to provide exceptional customer service. Their motto is to: Smile & Serve!