I was fortunate enough to be referred to PrimePay by my predecessor. Our rep has been professional, friendly, patient, and somehow manages to be efficient, accurate and FAST! She has been helpful when I have questions, and she always, without fail, finds the answer or points me to the best person to assists me.
Kerry Hopkins, HomeWell Senior Care
Seattle, WA | Client Since 2011

For over 20 years, HomeWell has been devoted to a single cause: provide care that allows the elderly to live at home in comfort, safety, and security. Their journey began when the founder, Joshua Hoffman, discovered the need for elderly care services that actually met the needs of clients. As a caregiver, he learned firsthand the obstacles and difficulties that aging adults face—this ignited a passion in him to meet those needs compassionately and effectively.

Since that time, their team of highly-trained personal assistants, led by qualified care coordinators, has helped thousands of seniors remain at home while providing the care they needed. Their approach to senior care combines effective modern technology with the most fundamental values.