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PrimePay's Referral Program


When you refer someone to PrimePay, they will receive 30 days of free payroll processing fees – just because you referred them.

Your earning opportunities are endless! Earn a $5 Tango Card for each of your first 10 qualified referrals ($50 limit) you submit through the portal and earn a $100 Tango Card per each referral that becomes a payroll client. Haven’t heard of Tango Card? A Tango Card is a digital reward that you can redeem for a variety of retail e-gift cards or nonprofit donations. To see a full list, click here.

To see if you're eligible to participate, please click here to read our FAQs.

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PrimePay's Referral Program


One of the best parts of the PrimePay Referral Program is that your referrals are trackable. 

After logging in to your account, you can see when they accept your invite, submit their information to PrimePay, meet with us, and most importantly – become a PrimePay client!

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