Fully integrated payroll & HR.

PrimePay Payroll Tax & HR

When you enter employee information, we’ll handle getting it into payroll. HR3 has a direct feed into our payroll system so you don’t have to worry about managing your payroll and HRMS relationship.

We’ve constructed a secure house for all of your company and employee HR and benefits information. This means you've incorporated a business continuity plan, so in case of a disaster, all of your information will be accessible.

Benefiting your business, one employee at a time.

PrimePay Payroll Tax & HR

Let employees have full control of their benefits. HR3 Benefits and HR3 Enterprise simplify the process of electing benefits by breaking down the costs per benefit and providing important deadline reminders.

It’s even hands-off for the employer. Employees can access, enroll and make necessary changes all by themselves.

Give us your HR management workload.

PrimePay Payroll Tax & HR

We can handle it.

HR3 Enterprise comes complete with a state-of-the-art HR management system. You can access a variety of data including:

  • Individual employee information
  • Demographics
  • Education and licenses
  • Tracking employee assets (ex. keycards)
  • Company information

That’s not all: The included HR online library provides key information to help you maintain EEOC and ACA compliance.